Over the last two decades, we have been working tirelessly towards providing you great wine chiller cold room at very reasonable rates and best possible after sales service. The wine chiller cold room that we create is identified by the superior performance capacity and strict quality control that we undertake.

We are committed to creating environmental friendly equipment and remain steadfast through our continuous innovation in this aspect.

The Big Advantages

There are many ways that we value add the entire experience of your buying or renting out a wine chiller cold room.


When we receive a specific query, we do not try to push the available alternatives to our clients.

  • Our design engineers and technician visit the site
  • We interview the client at length t understand their requirement in detail
  • We examine the place decided for installation and its potential

This helps us in creating a unique offer that is absolutely tailor made for you without exception and that which can address your necessity the best.


One of the cardinal catalysts of an energy efficient wine chiller cold room is essentially the precision with which it is made. From the absolutely exact temperature controls to auto sensors thermostat designed to address temperature changes, precision remains the moot point of every single instrument’s efficiency.

All our wine chiller cold room are manufactured:

  • Keeping in mind unique temperature controls
  • Balancing the capacity with cooling ability
  • Maintaining an environmentally friendly pollutant output
  • Limiting wastage with appropriate sealing in place
  • High Efficiency that can save you a lot of electric bills

This ensures that the wine chiller cold room always delivers service as promised and the scope of malfunction is significantly limited.


One of the key reasons for the deterioration of most wine chiller cold room is undoubtedly the lack of maintenance and appropriate after sales service.

It is, therefore, we ensure that soon after installation of a chiller:

  • We offer maintenance services for customer
  • Pay as much attention to our after sales service as we do to basic sales
  • Create a network of certified service providers to ensure uniform maintenance of our products across the country.
  • Track the availability of spare parts to ensure our customers are not inconvenienced.


Last but not the least important of all, our wine chiller cold room is always built keeping in mind the strictest safety norms in circulation. They have various safety features in place to limit any instance of possible short circuits.

Get In Touch With Us

So all you have to do is simply call us by providing details of the wine chiller cold room that you require, we promise to get back to you with the best deal and the most reliable chiller in town.