Cool rooms are the most well-known choice with regards to cold storage of the extensive supplies of food items. Wide variety of choices are available for the user while picking cold rooms.

Each business has its own needs and prerequisites so every business requires a cold room which suits its objectives.

The boards used to build cold rooms are very proficient insulating materials encased inside surfaces that are produced using authorized food safe materials and are easy to clean. The standard surface is galvanized steel sheet covered with food safe polyester, however stainless steel is likewise accessible.

Although food is the most well-known sort of stock to be stored in cold rooms, they are likewise broadly utilized for non-palatable however perishable products, for example, medical or chemical supplies, or other organic product, for example, flowers or seeds.

A cold room is fundamental to a few businesses, giving a perfect stockpiling answer for safeguarding  diverse items like food and medications. It is likewise utilized for both business and scientific applications to control the temperature in a domain including server farms and labs.

Here is the list of various types of cold storage refrigeration system:

1. Remote cold room refrigeration systems

A remote cold room refrigeration framework involves a condenser unit, evaporator unit and different parts like site glass, dryer, extension valve and pump down solenoid indoor regulator. The evaporator unit is introduced inside the stroll in icebox or chiller, while the condenser unit is situated outside the building or in a plant space


  • The compressors are installed on a heavy outline fenced in area.
  • Coolant is transported from the condenser to the compressor using a line.
  • Condensate line in the consolidating unit helps to release its warmth outside

2. Standard top mount cold room refrigeration systems

Standard top mount cold room refrigeration frameworks are usually utilized as a part of small to medium-sized eateries and comfort stores. They are intended to amplify storage room inside stroll in freezers or coolers. They are specially designed to hold low temperature levels, even after extend periods.


  • They are an all in one refrigeration framework.
  • Cool air is released vertically.
  • The evaporator and condenser are consolidated into one unit.

3. Penthouse cold room refrigeration systems

A penthouse cold room refrigeration framework is perfect for small space stroll in refrigeration as it leaves more usable space for capacity racks. Its units are put on the housetop and not inside the cold room.


  • The protected cabinet encases the cooling evaporators and fan system on the housetop.
  • They accompany a condensate evaporator that averts fluid harm to the hardware.
  • Penthouse refrigeration frameworks are costly yet this sort of refrigeration framework can be financially savvy over the long haul.
  • Offering various advantages, for example, expanded storage room and faster assistance of routine service outside the refrigerated space, this type of refrigeration system helps to reduce the downtime of the framework, bringing about more production.

4. Saddle mount cold room refrigeration system

Saddle mount cold room refrigeration frameworks are hung over the wall before the roof installation. These frameworks are introduced on a panel with spaces cut on top. User need not depend upon the services of an authorized refrigeration professional for introducing a saddle mount refrigeration framework.


  • Totally pre- assembled on a section that is planned to be situated on top of the wall panels.
  • A specially designed refrigeration framework that has a condensate line installed.

5. Walk-in-chillers and freezers

Walk in-chillers and coolers are intended for both split and mono block frameworks with top-notch innovation and technology.

These frameworks are designed and manufactured securely for bigger applications. Refrigeration frameworks are accessible in various designs individually or as unified power pack (Rack) framework.

Custom-fabricated doors are accessible for both coolers and freezers with an assortment of metal wrap up. Choice of different board surface materials like PVC covered, Plastisol-covered, stucco aluminum, Stelvetite-covered and pre-painted are likewise accessible.


  • Standard and custom sizes are available.
  • CFC – free Foam insulation.
  • Fit as per available space economically

6. Industrial cold rooms

Industrial Cold Rooms are made accessible in either individual or unified power pack rack designs relying upon the application, prerequisites and utilities.

The room measurements can be modified, offering the greatest usage limit. The system can be designed in such a way that it gives several options, for example firmly joint cold storage panels of different thickness which can guarantee low running cost with increase in performance.


  • Industrial Cold Rooms are utilized in a slew of applications, for example, Food Processing units, Dry Food Storage, Frozen Food Storage, Logistics Centers, Medical Labs, vast scale Distribution etc.

7. Stores with unit coolers

This is the most broadly utilized strategy for cooling advanced cold rooms and it uses unit coolers with fan that provides better airflow. This kind of cooler is the least expensive among all. It contains a moderately little charge of refrigerant, which can be promptly defrosted without interfering a lot with the storage conditions, and it does not need an overwhelming structure for help.

The primary weakness is that numerous outlines utilizing this kind of cooling unit do not take into consideration uniform dispersion of the air inside the store. This results in poor storage condition where the air circulation is either too high or too low.

Uniform air dissemination can be accomplished by suspending the unit cooler from the roof or introducing the unit outside the store and guaranteeing that beds are stacked with reasonable head space and floor dispersing,.


  • The store can be kept in working state without the need of keeping all units ON.

8. Prefabricated cold rooms

Other than pre-assembled boards and the auxiliary parts  utilized in the development of cold stores, there are “building units” available today for small cold rooms. The most complete “units” incorporate wall and rooftop boards, stacking slope, canopy and in addition refrigeration plant.

The best case is a cold store with a minimum storage limit of around 200t measuring 12 x 12 x 6m worked with self-supporting polyurethane protected boards confronted all around inside and plastic covered steel sheeting, and a pre-assembled floor. The main necessity is a solid floor piece on which the building is raised.

Normally specialists carry out the assembly. The erection time ranges between 4 to 8 weeks depending upon local conditions. The material required for building such old rooms is delivered in van having extra weatherproof cold room which is kept adjacent to the actual cold store.


  • Most extreme utilization of cold storage room: 10% reduction in required cold room volume. It helps in effective utilization of cold storage room.
  • Expanded Efficiency: It also helps in saving running expense.

9. Centralized cold room refrigeration systems

This is intended for high limit business and mechanical savvy applications. The framework is assembled and packed with high proficiency, simple assembling and low support. It permits the customers to control the plant from any part of the world through the remote observing framework.


  • It has a standby limit, bring down running cost, low support, high quality, high adaptability, brings control utilization up to 39%.

10. Super and Hyper Market cold room refrigeration system

Current Hypermarket refrigeration frameworks require expansive refrigerant charges for their operation and can devour as much 1-1.5 million kWh every year. A few new methodologies, for example, auxiliary circle, low-charge multiplex, and propelled independent refrigeration frameworks, are accessible that use less refrigerant.

Examinations demonstrate that if legitimately outlined and executed, these propelled frameworks can decrease yearly energy utilization by more than 15% and aggregate equal warming effect (TEWI) by as much as 70%.

Supermarkets are a standout amongst the most energy intensive sorts of business structures. Chilled and solidified nourishment in both item showcases and capacity fridges require huge energy to keep up its desired chill.


  • Simple overhauling and Installation: Super and Hyper Market Refrigeration framework is remotely mounted. It can be effortlessly adjusted and kept away from outside room with least interruption. It helps to do away with the need to expel the cool room content for access.
  • Better esteem for Money: adaptable racking helps to suit stockpiling necessities. This type of Refrigeration framework offer better esteem for your cash.

11. Flake & Block cold room plant

It offers a remarkable design for high proficiency and most extreme profitability of flake and block ice. This Containerized Flake and Block Ice Machine are utilized for business and industrial applications.

This all-in-one system offers incredible preferred standpoint to the customer like low foot space and adaptability. It can be introduced in a 20 or 40 feet holder and deliver 3 to 40 tons of chip ice every day. This factory-installed and pre-charged ice plant can be effortlessly associated with the fundamental electric and water supply and is prepared for quick production


  • This type of framework is commonl