Often you could be looking for a cold room but cost wise, it could be a difficult investment and might not be possible at certain times. But that does not mean that you would have to give up your dreams or compromise with your requirements.

It is a simple solution that you could choose, decide on a refurbished second hand cold room or used cold room, that’s available with us for sale.

What Comprises A Great Cold Room?

Often the term second hand can be intimidating and could even indicate inferior quality, but then again, it could also be other way to express the use of products which have been used previously. One simple way to identify whether a second hand cold room is possible alternative, check on the

  • Panels
  • Compressor
  • Evaporator
  • Door

Alternatively, you could also get a fresh one made but instead use panels that have been used earlier, compressor or evaporator that have been used in other cold rooms and doors that are being fitted from another old compressor.

In this way, though you would have a brand new product, the relative cost is much lesser.

Advantages Of Using Second Hand Cold Room

There are many reasons why a lot of our clients prefer using second hand cold room. While the panels, compressor doors and the other parts might be used, the main product is fresh as new.

Most importantly used always doesn’t mean bad and even used products could perform very well if you know how to appropriately optimize their relative performance level.

This is exactly where our long experience as cold room builder comes to play. Even the second hand cold room that we supply becomes great value for money alternatives.

They are:

1. Premium Quality: Given the fact that we have always used great quality products, ensured that even the used parts that were put together to create earlier cold rooms are as good even after years of work.

The second hand cold room that we make, as result have great performance track record and offer a convenient solution for many who might nit be able t spend for a new one.

2. Efficiency: Another factor that clearly highlights our precision and superior craftsmanship is no doubt the efficiency that all our cold rooms boast off. We use our material with care and that that allows efficiency to remain intact.

3. Affordable: The second hand cold rooms are far more affordable that the new ones and therefore the business requirement of many who can’t afford a new one.

Get In Touch With Us

So if you are looking for the ultimate second hand cold room or used cold room, simply give us a call. We will note down your requirements and help you get the best solution within your budget in the fastest possible time.