If you have a ready kitchen and seem to be at a loss about how to fit in a cold room, then we assure you that we have the best and most sustainable solution.

One of Malaysia’s reputable kitchen cold room installer, we create options that are tailor-made to suit the specific design and need of every kitchen that we cater to.

Often you cannot alter the size or the facilities of the kitchen you are working in, but that’s not a problem if you are working with us. Or project managers and design engineers come specially equipped to help resolve your problem and install the most efficient alternative for your kitchen.

Why Do We Excel?

When you are looking at a kitchen cold room installation service provider, invariably the experience and efficiency matters but there are some factors that are even more important.

Comprehensive Service module: We do not believe in simply installing pre-designed cold rooms.

Once you hire us,

  • We conduct site visit
  • Undertake study
  • Design specially designed solutions
  • Install as per your specifications and needs

Not just that. Our design engineers and project managers are also in charge of regularly servicing and maintaining the cold room. So, in our hands, your kitchen cold room remains pretty well taken care of from the conception stage.

Customer Requirement Primary: Every kitchen cold room that we supply is built after a detailed consultation with our clients. Our design engineers undertake long discussions to

  • Under your specific requirement
  • The size and type of efficiency that would be best suited for you
  • The temperature controls that can address your kitchen requirement

Safety Measures: Installation of kitchen cold room is not just about fitting in a great product. User safety is one of our primary objectives.

This is why

  • We conduct regular safety inspection at the sites we install cold room
  • Closely monitor the gas emission and the environmental concerns
  • Our safety standards always confirm to the most current and in-demand     international legislation
  • Do not compromise on product quality to make sure we provide the safest product modules in Malaysia
  • Pre-test our installations to fully confirm that your safety is not compromised in any manner at any stage of our service.

Reliable: This is exactly why we are able to deliver extremely dependable and self-sufficient cold room solutions for your kitchen.

We constantly refer to customer feedback and are in constant dialogue with our clients to help bring you the best possible option at a reasonable rate.

Give Us A Call

So if you need a kitchen cold room, all you have to do is give us call or send a message with your query. We will make sure that we get back to you at the shortest possible time with the most sustainable and reasonably priced option for you.