Buying an ice making machine can often be tricky business. There are many factors that you must consider before deciding on a specific ice making machine model or any ice making machine suppliers. This ranges from the amount of ice required to the refrigeration technology that is being incorporated.

Moreover, the water supplies and power connection that you need are also critical as they often determine the ultimate efficiency of the ice machine.

Some of the key players in enhancing efficiency include:

  • The compressor
  • The condenser
  • The evaporator
  • The throttle

Advantages of Buying From Us

When you buy an ice making machine from us, we ensure that you get a perfect balance of these parameters. We always ensure that we use the best possible technology and customize your need.

This is exactly why our engineers always visit the site, assess your requirement and then propose the ice making machine that addresses your needs best.

Perhaps you would not realize, but often the size of the dispenser, the dimension, the technology used all work together to bring out the most satisfying product quality.

Refrigeration Technology

In very simple terms this is the technology that enables your ice making machine to condense the water and convert it into ice cubes or ice slabs.

We use a technology that ensures that the machine is less sensitive to the environmental heat and has the ability to convert water to ice very rapidly.

Our technology enables a rapid drop in the temperature. This then ensures that ice making happens in a matter of minutes with us and without any impact of the outside temperature.

Whether you are interested in using for a commercial set-up or consumer purpose, the speed and quality of ice are crucial.

Production Capacity & Dimension

Another important criterion for determining the efficiency of an ice making machine is the overall capacity and size. Too big would be cumbersome and too small would mean that a far lesser amount of ice is being created.

Moreover, the size will also determine the number of functions that can be incorporated. You could also have the option of getting crushed ice and ice cubes if it is a necessity.

In fact, our technology is so advanced that you could also pre-determine the total amount of ice slabs or ice cubes that you can produce in coming 24 hours.

Get In Touch With Us

We are Malaysia’s reputable ice making machine supplier, we have years of experience in this industry. If you are contemplating getting an ice making machine, the best option is to get in touch with us.

You can either email us or call us with the specifications you require. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible with the most reliable and long lasting solution.

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