Around the globe, hundreds of tonnes of vegetables and fruits are left to rot due to the lack of availability of cold storage facilities. The confined number of cold storage available is meant for storing particular vegetables and fruits such as potatoes, oranges, grapes and even some flowers.

What happens to the rest of the commodities then? To get a better understanding of this particular technology, let’s dive a bit deeper into the issue.

Why Cold Storage Is Important?

Well, have you ever wondered as of how all the edible commodities still hold their freshness and a breath of life?

If not, then it is time to ponder upon this question. Tonnes of food supplies are produced every month in every country.

However, you do not directly buy your supplies from the farmers. Before these vegetables and fruits lands in your local stores, they go through a variety of supply chains.

From farmers to factories or from retailers to the end-user, whatever supply chain these commodities go through, they ought to hold at least a part of their freshness once it reaches your hand. This freshness or extension of life is provided by cold storages.

Seafood, fruits, flowers, vegetables, meat, and biomedical products, are all those products that need cold storage to keep them florid and shining. Find out more in this article on Top Benefits of Using Cold Storage Units.

Opportunity for Cold Storage in the World

The food habits around the world are vivid and varying. The demand for beverages, preserved, and canned foods have increased over the years.

Alongside, dehydrated fruits, and vegetables, sauces, powders, and pickles have also slowly begun to show a positive inclination.

However, all these products would be left out to rot without the availability of enough cold storage.

You would have noticed that the prices are high for edible commodities even when the country is a major producer?

This indicates a lack of cold storage. Because without the cold storage, the products would due down even before they reach the markets. This would cause a ruckus, and the prices would shoot up.

The absence of cold storages results in wasting a large number of horticultural products. And this, in turn, would cost billions per annum. Moreover, the country would start experiencing fluctuations in prices.

Thus, cold storages help in boosting the export of agricultural and marine products. And there is a huge demand for cold storages all over the world.

Let it be for storing vegetables, fruits, or flowers, cold storages are on high demand because every product that is wasted counts.

Estimating the Capacity of Cold Storage for Business

Estimating the capacity of cold storage requires a set of professional hands. However, there is no particular method in satisfying the concern of every person related to the cold storage.

Storage capacity depends on factors like the storage density of the products and the method of storage. Though it is often thought that storage capacity mainly depends on volume, it is not always so.

There are a number of ways in which one could express the storage capacity.

1. Gross volume

It can be also called as the total volume of the refrigerated space. More space, more the storage capacity. When there is a need for storing multiple food products, then there would be a need for a large gross volume in order to achieve efficient storage facilities.

2. Net Volume

Cold storage does not simply consist of just a large room and tonnes of produces. There would be doorways, coolers, and other structural requirements.

All these things in common consume enough amount of space. So, one couldn’t possibly store fruits, and vegetables in the spaces that these machineries have taken up.

Thus, the net volume may be defined as the remaining chunk of volume left from the gross volume, where horticultural products could be stored.

3. Effective Volume

The effective volume is finally the total volume that is available for storage that also takes the requirement of passageways, and stacking equipment into consideration.

Both gross volume and net volume can be calculated to an approximate value doing a few calculations.

The effective volume can be calculated the accurate value only by using a store layout, and the full details of the storage conditions.

This is the reason why store operators have to be cautious while giving general statements of storage capacity.

While placing orders, it is preferred that they give the full details of the products, and also about the storage operation, so that the supplier would be able to provide the best store with that suite the requirements.

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