Cold Room Repair

Whenever you are dealing with machinery, it is obvious that there will be a need for some need for regular maintenance of the system and often replacement of some of the parts.

Especially in our country – Malaysia, humidity and temperature are always high, temperature fluctuate between 25 and 35 degrees will cause the cold room metal parts expand and shrink through out the day. Besides, a lot of rain with polluted air also one of the factor causing our cold room metal rusting hence shorten the cold room shelf life.

Regular wear and tear as a result of continuous usage is normal but getting it fixed on ad hoc basis or by individuals who are new to its mechanism could actually end up ruining it permanently.

This is exactly why it is important to hire an expert and experience cold room firm like ours for fixing any part that might not be functioning as per need or replacement of some part. An experienced firm like ours treats every cold room repair with the same kind of seriousness and strives to fix it to the best of our capabilities.

Our Repair Coverage

The cold room repair facilities include a whole gamut of services to address specific kinds of cold rooms and their unique challenges. Some of the most in demand repair services include:

  • Refrigerant replenish/ changing
  • Renew Refrigeration Strip Curtains
  • Change/ fixing Compressor
  • Pipe leaking inspection/ changing
  • Cold room door repair/changing
  • PU Panel changing
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Light changing
  • Pipe cleaning

Of course, this in no way means that we do nothing else. As we mentioned right at the beginning, we also ensure that the many varies unique needs of different kinds of cold room are all addressed promptly and our personnel work tirelessly to fix it or solve it at the earliest possible time with the minimum hassle. We do appreciate the fact that the needs for most of our clients are unique and try to give individual attention as much as possible.

Our Repair Network

Understanding the need for speed in today’s world, we have created an extensive experienced and knowledgeable personnel who handle the cold room repair . The fact that we work under our brand and can permanently impact our reputation we ensure that they

  • Are properly trained in various aspect of cold room repair
  • They have the requisite know how to handle any type of emergency
  • They have the right type of gadgets and products to fix problems

Why You Need To Engage With Professional like Us For Cold Room Repair

Well by now you do fully understand the importance of engaging professionals. But amongst them we recommend go for the best or simply give us a call. Here are the top reasons why we can fix your problem like no one in the business and why you will end up trusting us better than most.

  • Speed Is King: We understand stuff in cold room will not sustain the delay. We ensure you sustain the minimum possible damage due to cold room malfunction.

  • Quick Detection: Given our extensive experience we are able to quickly detect the problem and address the root cause of the problem.

Therefore, we ensure that not only is your problem addressed with speed but also the recovery from the problem is quick and involves minimum hassle.