Cold Room Panel

If you are dealing with cold rooms, I am sure you have heard about cold room panels or the polyurethane panels. In extremely layman terms, they are the crucial panels that help cool the cold room and maintain the temperature at desired level.

What Are Polyurethane Panel?

The primary question, however, remains what exactly are these and how can they help in maintaining the temperature?

It is perhaps amongst the most advanced insulated building panels available in the market now.

  • They are safe, very efficient
  • Cost effective and highly durable
  • Can be easily used within a small space
  • Good moisture resistant
  • Fire retardant
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Light weight
  • Food industry compliance
  • Have a wide range of usage and are extremely adaptable

They are used in making:

  • General storage cold rooms
  • Refrigerated warehousing facilities
  • Storage facility with climate control features
  • Food industry
  • Clean room
  • Mini store cold room like Labs or a perhaps a flowers store.

Not only are these PU panels extremely cost efficient, but they are also terribly safe to bet on. The latest ones in the market have fire-proof coating and are very convenient to use even in small facilities which further enhances their versatility. Find out more details information on Cold Room PU panel here.

Capitalizing On Cold Room Panel Benefits

As a firm who have been dealing with cold rooms for a really long time, we have complete grasped the benefits of these polyurethane panels and are progressively optimizing its use across our product range.

  • These can be easily customized as per customer requirements, and the strength depends on the customer specifications
  • They are quite easy and quick to assemble, thus an extremely time-saving proposition
  • They are easy to dismount and go ahead and mount at a different place
  • They are extremely durable

Our suggestion is if clients want a durable and cost efficient cold room, polyurethane panel is their best bet.

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