cold room manufacturer

A cold room manufacturer is essentially the person or a firm that makes specific cold rooms or bulk produce cold room solutions that are geared to handle the requisite demand for cold storage as well as give a value for money deal to the customer who places the order

What Do We Do?

So we make cold rooms. But that does not really explain what we do. If you ask us about what we actually do, I would divide our job profile into three main heads:

  • Constructing Cold Storage Units: We have several decades of experience as cold room manufacturers and have now grown up to the stature of market leaders in designing, installation and maintenance of cold rooms.

  • Full Service Accreditation: Given our extensive experience and the broad spectrum of cold room design and installation that we handle, we have won several prestigious accreditation and our now extremely competent in providing specialist service in almost all aspect of cold room manufacturing from architects to consultants to designers. Our expertise in this wide range of fields also enables us to provide cost-effective and creative solutions for our clients.

  • Maintenance: Well not only do we make world-class products but also pride our unmatched maintenance track record. We follow up every project that we handle closely, and often are called for maintenance of cold rooms that we might not have created too.

Who Need Cold Room Why They Need It?

As a reputable cold room manufacturer in Malaysia, it is extremely important to classify our products. Here are some of the key types of cold room we manufacture and generally see a broad demand for:

  • Cold Storage
  • Electrical factory
  • Chemical storage
  • Hypermarket
  • Ice manufacturer
  • Pharmaceutical cold room
  • Walk In Cold Room
  • Industrial Freezer
  • Food Storage Chiller
  • Production Room

Of course, apart from these we often make customized solutions for specific client needs as well.

Why Do You Need A Good Cold Room?

That brings us to the next part of the issue, which is why do you need a good cold room and why is there constant demand for cold room manufacturers like us.

Here are some primary ones:

  • Keep veggies, meat fresh
  • If business closed down, it helps store surplus inventory
  • It helps reduce waste of money used to buy perishable products
  • In case of a trough in business, a good cold room can help tide over these temporary phases without a huge loss
  • Helps avoid customer dissatisfaction by peddling quality products at all times
  • Becomes a cost-effective solution for many businesses

Why Are We The Best Cold Room Manufacturer in Malaysia?

A good cold room manufacturer is someone who delivers successfully every time, maintains deadline and peddles a product that is by far the best. Well that said, here are a few reasons why we are considered the best in the industry:

  • Faultless design
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Stick to deadline
  • Handle post-production maintenance
  • Limit expenses within pre-decided budget
  • No compromise on quality.

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