Cold Room Installation

Ask any manufacturer dealing with cold storage facilities in Malaysia and they will swear by the fact that cold room installation is by far the most critical part in the entire business. Essentially a cold room installation is a multi-dimensional task.

It involves:

  • Getting the right kind of expertise in place
  • Deciding on a suitable venue
  • Assembling the right type of panels
  • Adhering to standard operating procedures
  • Ensuring the right set of matrix is applied at the right place
  • Keen eye on quality-cost balance
  • Efficient management of safety procedures to ensure faultless service

Preparation Method

Before we go about the entire installation process, it is important that the place, where the installation will take place, is prepared. Proper preparation work ensures timely delivery as well as minimum post-production hassles.

This includes:

  • The cold room needs to be well ventilated to avoid potential condensation
  • Ensure the coordinates are in place before initiation of the installation
  • The venue should be well accessible by trucks to facilitate easy transfer of materials

Steps For Cold Room Installation

Typically a cold room installation involves some key steps without which it is impossible to achieve success:

  • Location Is Primary: It is important to select a room that is well enclosed and not susceptible to getting wet in rain water for cold room installation. The enclosed structure also ensures better cooling and a more efficient air circulation mechanism

  • Deciding On The Design: The design is based on two primary factors, the location and the specs provided by the customers. The perfect balance is achieved when the requirements of the client match the technological and electrical necessities and stand at a perfect cross-road optimizing both the utilization aspect as well the efficiency perspective.

  • Deciding On The Expenses: We create a tentative budget that would cover the maximum possible expenses incurred for cold room installation. It covers everything required and normally is inclusive of labour charges as well. Being end to end providers, we are able to provide the best possible rest for even the most premium products and help us maintain market leadership.

  • Ensuring Safety Measures: It is very important that all safety norms are complied with during a cold room installation. It is our job to ensure that in no way is the safety of our client or the regular users is compromised with while building the cold room. From using high grade and certified products to paying attention to key safety parameters in wiring and installation, we run the entire drill very thoroughly.

Why We Are The Best In Cold Room Installation?

Well, that brings us to the point why we are undeniably the best in business and provide you with the most satisfying service.

  • We never fail deadline
  • We do not deal in low-quality products
  • We never ignore our clients’ requirements
  • We pay maximum attention to safety norms

Therefore, if you are thinking of cold room installation or to find out harga cold room Malaysia , just give us a call, we will handle the rest for you.