ColdroomMaster cold room design

To an average person it might seem what is so great about a cold room design, you have to just adhere to customer specifications. But an experienced cold room installation firm like ours knows better. Cold room design is a multi-layered, intensely complex concept. There are many minute details that need to be taken care of to achieve the final success in creating a lasting as well as a useful model.

Identifying The Purpose

Knowing the purpose for which the cold room is designed is absolutely necessary. Ultimately that is what helps in achieving perfection in design as well as better output. For example, the cold room design for a warehouse will no doubt be distinctly different from that of cold room design for a pharmaceutical company. Therefore knowing the purpose ensures that the cold room design

  • Can be optimized for better customer satisfaction
  • Customized as per the typical needs of the product/service/business
  • Specs like temperature settings, safety measures can be suitably modified
  • Potential hazards and risks can be identified, and appropriate safety measures can be identified according
  • Also, the specifications ensure creating the right kind of environment that is conducive for the specific product.

The Standard Operating Procedure

That said all cold room design need to have certain design basics that are absolutely crucial for not just ensuring better customer satisfaction but also creating a reputation for our company and brand as well as making a reliable and long lasting product that will speak for itself.

  • Insulation: This is by far one of the most important features of a cold room design. From the walls to the floors to the door, insulation needs to be perfect at every point. Not only does it help in better temperature controls but insulation also helps in providing a more definitive timeline for the life of the goods that is being stored.

  • Controls: This is another key requisite and needs intense precision. From temperature controls to humidity controls, from display settings to alarms, this is by far the most accurate picture of the essential functioning and utility value of the cold room designs.

  • Lighting: Your cold room design needs to incorporate this feature very prominently. You cannot have a dark room and at the same time you cannot use lighting that would unnecessarily heat up the system. As a result, it is absolutely important to get this fact right while planning a cold room design.

  • Wiring: This is a key safety feature and experienced cold room manufacturers like us always ensure that the conductivity, short-circuit and shock potentials are all checked before we wrap construction. We use only listed electrical components and never compromise on quality.

  • Check Air Leakage: Air-proofing is another key element of a good cold room design. Air leakage will not only harm the system but also result in huge customer bills which might work against our interest.

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In short, we provide the most professional and precise cold room designs, and if you are planning one, look no further. Simply get in touch with us and we promise you the best that money could buy.