A cold room contractor is essentially a firm which essentially works towards providing the best possible cold storage facilities for its clients. We have been in the business for a long time now. Given the vast experience and wide list of clientele that we handled coupled with the dedication and talent of the workforce, we are now a force to reckon with in the industry.

We assure:

  • Top quality service/products
  • Management of cold storage construction on site
  • Experienced personnel overseeing installation

However, we do not limit ourselves to mere construction and maintenance of cold rooms only and, in fact, our spectrum of work also includes

  • Chiller room (negative temperature)
  • Clean room
  • Production room
  • Heat insulation room
  • PU Panel office
  • Changing room
  • Blast freezer
  • Chemical cold room
  • Air Shower
  • Polyurethane room (PU room)

How To Define Good Contractors

So how exactly would you define a good cold room contractor? What are the parameters on which a customer can gauge brilliance of service? Of course experience matters, the product line-up is important but here are some broad pointers that will help you identify the good and the bad.

  • Professional:We are professional to the core. Right from the first interview to the final call to assess the performance, we ensure that our clients always get a value deal that does justice to their investment in the project.

  • Experienced: It is obvious that experience not just makes us wiser but also undeniably better trained in creating a compelling product with guaranteed returns.

  • Honor Deadlines: We pay attention to decide on a realistic timeline and ensure that the job in hand gets done within that time frame without delay.

  • No Compromise on Quality: Trust and transparency are the hallmark of the service catered by us. We believe in absolutely no compromise in the kind of products we use even if that dents our profit margin a little.

Our Contractors: Job Outline
Our contractors not only work closely to ensure speedy and faultless installation of cold room, we also

  • Make sure that the refrigerant circuit is properly closed
  • There is no leaking of the refrigerant
  • Compressor has adequate capacity with respect to the cold room facility
  • Make sure the electrical wiring is as per norms and within safety limits
  • Partition/doors properly sealed and work in a cost and energy effective fashion

Why do You need To Hire Us?
Essentially that brings you to the key question why you need to hire us? Well that is because we provide

  • Cost effective solutions
  • Customize products as per consumer specifics
  • Keep adequate room for improvisations
  • Handle any kind of post installation maintenance
  • Minimize the scope of post installation overhead work and maintenance hassle

All in all, we are easily approachable, quick in execution and believe in effective and efficient output for 100% client satisfaction. So what are you waiting for? Just dial our numbers and get in touch with us.