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March 2017

Tips to Defrost Frozen Food


Figuring out how to defrost frozen food safely is an important part of freezer cooking and for your family's health and safety. Improper defrosting strategies can allow microbes to develop on your food and make individuals sick especially small child and female. What should be defrosted? Not all things need to be defrosted although most [...]

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February 2017

Cold Room Insulation Panel


Cold rooms have been a major part of our life since a very long time. Even if you look into the nature, animals use the cold weather to store foods for a long time. This concept has been adopted into the human lives and now there are so many different types of cold rooms that [...]

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Tips to Improve Industrial Chiller and Cold Room Efficiency


Chillers represent a significant capital investment and are a noteworthy contributor to operating expenses in institutional and business facilities. For many organizations, chillers are the biggest single energy user, and thorough maintenance is basic to guarantee their unwavering quality and effective operation. While a few organizations utilize predictive maintenance — including infrared thermography, vibration analysis, [...]

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January 2017

Questions to Ask Your Cold Room Manufacturers


The cold room is a large-scale cooler or refrigerator for commercial usage of food processing organizations. Cold rooms can hold a lot of nourishment and perishable non-sustenance items, a few types of businesses that as a rule need a cooler or chiller room are hotels, eateries, hospitals, and in addition commercial kitchens. Are you aware [...]

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December 2016

Top Benefits of Using Cold Storage Units


Having a cold storage room at your place for either personal or business purpose is an excellent method to preserve fruits, vegetables and much more for a long use. The cold storage room keeps the food items at a very low temperature than the environment, which keeps the food items fresh for a long time. [...]

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