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December 2017

Cold Room Storage Business Opportunity


Around the globe, hundreds of tonnes of vegetables and fruits are left to rot due to the lack of availability of cold storage facilities. The confined number of cold storage available is meant for storing particular vegetables and fruits such as potatoes, oranges, grapes and even some flowers. What happens to the rest of the [...]

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Role of Cold Storage in Human Society


The role of cold storage in human society is immense. In fact, the use of cold storage has altered human life in ways similar to the use of fire and the invention of wheels. Cold Storage History It is not even as if the concept of cold storage is a modern concept. Ice was harvested [...]

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How To Start A Cold Room Storage Business


Thinking about starting a cold storage business? Well, do not jump straight into it, you have got to have a proper business plan in your hand. But you might land on a problem here, if you do not have the rarest idea about making a business plan. But do not get disappointed, though you are [...]

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July 2017

81 Cooling Terms For Cold Room Industry


Accumulator – Accumulator is a storage tank which prevents the liquid refrigerant (from the evaporator) to flow into the suction before evaporating. Adiabatic Compression – Adiabatic Compression is the process by which we can compress the refrigerant gas without adding or subtracting heat. AHU – Air Handler Unit (AHU) is the interior of an air [...]

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June 2017

Best Practices for Managing a Cold Room Warehouse


Each one of us wants to keep the home temperature normal, neither too cold nor too warm. However, this is not the case with regards to a cold storage and cold room warehouse. Here one of the toughest factors is to keep up the correct cold room temperature for the item stored inside. This must [...]

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