Cold Room Master is one of Malaysia’s best known cold room installation firms, providing a full range of cold room services, including cold room installation, design, maintenance and repair.

We have been consistently providing reliable and dependable service across Malaysia over decades. Our wide services areas covering Penang, Ipoh, Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur, Melaka and Johor.

Given the wide range of services and the extensive network, we are just a call away to serve you in any place of Malaysia.

Range Of Service Available

Our range of offerings include:

1. Cold Room Installation

We undertake all types of cold room installation. The range of our offerings includes huge industrial alternatives to small local set-ups.

Our personalized installation procedure guarantees a much higher rate of success. We create cold rooms in order. This means what we offer is always best suited for your need.

2. Cold Room Maintenance

We don’t just install cold room but also take care of the regular maintenance of these facilities. Regular maintenance enhances the longevity of these cold rooms.

It instantly helps in addressing niggling problems, and minor issues are resolved almost instantly. We also offer special maintenance packages for our clients.

3. Cold Room Repair

Often badly planned repair schedules can do more harm to the cold room than good. This is exactly why we have instituted a team of experts who are solely in charge of the various repair initiatives undertaken by us.

Our customer care representatives are available on call at any time to take your complaints. We also make sure that we are able to provide prompt service after you lodge a complaint with us.

4. Customization/Designing Cold room

Customization is an integral part of our cold room installation. We do not offer ready-made solutions. Once our customers contact us with their cold room requirements, our personnel visit the site for an on-ground assessment.

Based on these studies, we design a cold room that meets all the specification that the client wants. This plays a very crucial role in maintaining the high success record of our installations.

5. Ice Making Machines

We also specialize in supplying, renting and repairing the ice-making machine. The rising demand for these has made sure that they have become crucial growth drivers for our company.

Our strong distribution channels, a network of suppliers and good-will amongst customers have helped in maintaining robust sale.

Potential Reach

Our client list includes successful corporates, industrial houses and innumerable warehouses across Malaysia. Our professional of service, regular maintenance checks, and consistent customer-friendly approach has won us a long list of loyal customers.

Our products are now available online as well. This has helped expand our presence at a global level.

Contact Us Today

If you need any kind of cold room related assistance, feel free to call us. You could also email your query to us.

We promise to get back to you at the earliest with the most definitive and reliable service profile. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.